The Adventures of a Hollywood Wannabe...

The Adventures of a Hollywood Wannabe...

​  …Is an acid-laced trip without the drugs. Q. (this is what I call him) is someone who I’m soooooo very happy not to be, BUT, deep down wish I could be him for just a day… or maybe a month or two.

Prepare yourself for a tour of everything Hollywood that you won’t find on TMZ or Star Maps. A walk down memory lane for some, a reimagining of a similar life for others, and a complete foreign galaxy for others. No matter how CITY RAMBLINGS speaks to you, one thing is clear—it will take you on a journey.

If you live in Los Angeles, I won’t be surprised if you find yourself nodding in agreement to some of the events Q. experiences, giggling to yourself because you have found yourself in the same unfathomable circumstances or shaking your head in disbelief because you can’t believe you missed the water-cooler worthy exploits that was happening right in your backyard.

If you’re not from Los Angeles… well, you’re in for a TREAT