Introducing: Q.
The Man. The Myth. The (Wannabe) Legend.

Q. is not his real name. I do not know his real name. I do not believe anyone does (his ‘friends’ call him a different letter of the alphabet) besides his mother. And if you read any of the stories about her, tracking his mother down and getting viable information from her seems futile.

Calling him a character, doesn’t begin to remotely define his totality. Once again, if you read any of his stories, you know EXACTLY what I mean.

He’s maddening, entertaining, fun-loving, vomit-mouth, distinguishing, neurotic, and a connoisseur of everything life can possibly throw at him… AND then some.

For some odd reason he has taken a liking to me. I being of sound mind and body, more often than not, knew his escapades had to be documented.


​ His stories encapsulate Los Angeles in a way I have never seen. Through his eyes, I’m able to enjoy the magnificent Birth-land of Movies as an insider instead of the outsider that I feel I am. Witnessing or hearing about his stories catapults me to a place I know I’ll likely never find myself in or Knighted with the access he seems to be able to acquire.

He’s a true original. The real deal. The most interesting wannabe I’m most likely to ever cross paths with in this lifetime.

​ It’s weird to say, but… I love the guy. He’s become the brother I’m glad I never had but now that we’ve found each other, he’s the brother I never want to be without.

I call him "Q."